Extra-curricular experiences are at the core of our professional development

We strive to go beyond our studies to reach the highest level of expertise

  • Junior Entrepreneurs

    We are students who put themselves on the line in the labor market
  • Non profit

    Our profits are entirely reinvested in workshops and training courses
  • Network

    Jade and Jade Italia connect more than 22,000 Junior Entrepreneurs all over Europe

JEBE Sant'Anna


Associates at JEBE are students at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, which ranks in the top 10 of the best young universities in the world. Over 1000 candidates compete every year for a place as Honors Student, with only 50 of them succeeding


The academic career of each Honors Student is an all-around experience dotted with interdisciplinary activities, supplementary courses and international exchange programs. In this context, JEBE is a unique opportunity to grow